Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software System
Taxi、Ride-hailing、Special Car、Carpooling、Designated Driving、Multi-business model

Multi-terminal Full Coverage: IOS+Android+Wechat
Provide source code • Strong user experience • Personalized customization

Base of Ptaxi Dispatch Algorithms
Demand customization · Function design · Technology development · Operation and maintenance · Win-win cooperation
Ptaxi Carsharing System
Ptaxi-based hardware control system can be compatible with a variety of operating modes: B2C mode - easy to realize shared rental of platform-owned car, P2P mode - traditional car rental company + private car owner one-key sharing; support hundreds of fuel vehicles and new energy models; multi-terminal support: Android + IOS


Taxis provide users with real-time call, reservation call, intelligent dispatch, map positioning, dynamic dispatch, vehicle seat display, emergency help, taxi timing, increase tips, trip sharing, cash recharge/withdrawal etc.





Management Background

Computer website


Ride-hailing provides users with four types of vehicles: ordinary, comfortable, business and luxury. It also provides a variety of Ride-hailing functions: carpooling, scanning, order thermodynamic diagram, intelligent dispatch orders, invoices etc.





Management Background

Computer website

Special Car

Special Car provide users with four types of vehicles: ordinary, comfortable, business and luxury; provide a variety of special vehicle schemes: airport transfer, customized chartered cars, official vehicles, provide a variety of Tailored Taxi service functions: invoices, enterprise cars, etc





Management Background

Computer website


The Carpooling provides users with cross-city publishing itinerary, publishing itinerary in the same city, inviting carpooling, itinerary notes, common routes, etc. It also provides drivers with intelligent identification, cross-city publishing itinerary, and publishing itinerary in the same city etc





Management Background

Computer website


Carsharing provides users with intelligent vehicle terminal, vehicle location control, trajectory management, network monitoring, arbitrary return, illegal query, map radar, power subsidy, map electronic fence, intelligent unlock, etc.





Management Background

Computer website
Precise data guides smart travel

Show nearby vehicles

Accurate positioning and personalized map display function can help you display vehicles near users in real time on the map. We also provide you with smooth vehicle movement function to optimize the display effect of vehicle movement.

Vehicles Dispatch

The efficiency of dispatching orders determines the use efficiency of vehicles. We provide a vehicle arrival time based on real-time road conditions to estimate service, and support the simultaneous calculation of 100 vehicles arrival time to help you optimize the dispatching efficiency.

Recommended pick-up point

Based on big data mining of travel, combined with address and road data, the function of recommendation boarding point is introduced, which provides the most suitable boarding place near their location for users to choose.

Route planning and navigation

Passengers need to use driving route planning and navigation services. Based on precise road conditions, you can choose strategies such as shortest time, avoiding congestion, avoiding charging, etc. You can refer to driving route planning and one-click navigation for experience.

Set-up the start and end of the journey:

With more than 60 million POI databases, personalized POI search service enables you to recommend more accurate and easily identifiable boarding and alighting points for users. Combining the recommended boarding and arrival points, you can achieve the best experience of setting the starting and ending points of a journey.

Accurate billing and route display

Trajectory correction service can restore the most accurate vehicle route for you. Based on this, travel cost can be calculated accurately, and the route can be replayed. In order itinerary, you can also use map trajectory management to show the route.

Big Data Service

Big data services, including traffic density, user portraits, traffic congestion and other data analysis services, provide support for vehicle scheduling, user operations and other travel applications.

Data visualization

Large data visualization database, which supports visualization style, is used to display a large number of point, line and surface data. It can help to display product data and give people a more intuitive impression. For example, the heat of the area where the car is used, the track of the car used in the whole city, etc.
What scenarios can be applied

Ordinary people

Business vehicles

Official Business

Tour charter

Maternal and Infant

Old people

Airport shuttle

Periodic lease

A Multi-functional Intelligent Travel System

Rich Modules

Ptaxi has many functions, such as Taxi、Ride-hailing、Special Car, Carpooling、Designated Driving、Carsharing , etc. They can be combined optionally according to your demands and easily customized as your APP system.

Support multi-terminal

Ptaxi has many platforms, such as small program, micro-messaging, Android and iOS. It has a new underlying architecture, stable performance, and ensures the rapid online and operation of software.

Years of research and development

Since 2012, the version has been constantly updated. The latest system adopts the latest frameworks and languages such as Laravel, Swift, Kotiln and vue. js, which are updated on a monthly basis to ensure the long-term expansion and research and development of functions

Source output

Ptaxi provides authorized users with high-quality functional source code, server-side source code, secondary development interface document and authorization service, and rapidly develops various software products through flexible transformation
Six Core Advantages of the System


Rich in functions

New High performance network communication engine


Flat Vehicle Animation

Cartoon animation for smooth running can be realized by predicting driving direction and grasping road by vehicle


Accurate mileage calculation

To restore the precise mileage by data supplement and trajectory correction without fear of tunnels and bridges


Trajectory playback

Record the whole trajectory, show the passengers in real time, and play back the whole process in the background


Automatic cash withdrawal and settlement

Binding WeChat,Alipay,Stripe,Greenpay one key automatic cash settlement


Multiple Payment Methods

WeChat,Alipay,Stripe,Greenpay,Credit Card,Cash support in all channels
Safe and stable system support

New Policy Standard for Online Car Appointment

We provide the platform qualification certification materials required for license application to assist in the application of online ride-hailing license plate.

Take the lead to dock with online car-hailing supervision platform

In response to the standardization of online car hailing, we took the lead in the completion of technical docking with the national online car-hailing supervision platform.

Safety and security

The system has passed the national third-class guarantee evaluation, and the software and hardware have met the benchmark indicators in the field of information security.

Performance assurance

With CDN acceleration service, millisecond response supports tens of thousands of users online at the same time