Product module



Special Car


Designated Driving


System principle
Functional Matrix
01.Map display
02.High precision positioning
03.Location Search
04.Dynamic Display of Transportation Capacity
05.Driver-passenger co-display
06.Recommended boarding point
07.Destination prediction
08.Cost Estimation
09.User-defined Map
10.Travel Sharing
01.The map shows
02.Driving directions
03.High precision positioning
04.Path planning
05.Thermal map display
06.The driver with the show
07.Arrival point recommendation
08.Analysis of driving behavior
The Passengers
The Driver
System flow
Taxi Dispatch System

Home Page Module

More than one vehicle module on the home page can be freely selected, which makes travel more convenient
Ride-hailing: Reservation, Real-time Call
Special Car : Reservation, Real-time,Airport Transfer call
Carpooling: publishing itinerary in the same city and cross-city
Designated Driving: Call Designated Driver
Taxi: Reservation, real-time call;
Carsharing: Rentable cars

Taxi Dispatch System

Address selection

Set up the city and input the specific location;
Set home or company as favorite address for prompt use.

Taxi Dispatch System

Confirm the call

Estimate the price and confirm whether to call the car. Predictable price available

Taxi Dispatch System

Waiting for response

After “confirming the call”, jump to the “waiting for response” interface
“Waiting for Response” can count down the estimated time of car search;
If the driver fails to take the order, the user can cancel the order three times by free within the specified time
Remote or peak season to add tips to the driver can promote higher turnover rate!

Taxi Dispatch System

Waiting for pick-up

After the driver has received the order, passengers can check the driver's license plate number, model, color, chat with the driver,
make phone calls, and carry out “emergency help”, “need help”, “travel sharing”and “cancel the order” operations.

Taxi Dispatch System

On the way

Passengers can check the driver's license plate number, model, color, order quantity and chat with the driver, make phone calls,
check real-time charges and forecast time. They can also carry out “emergency help”, “need help” and “journey sharing” operations.

Taxi Dispatch System

End of trip

For order payment, you can check the details of the fare;Coupon can be used to offset the amount deducted

Taxi Dispatch System

Order Payment

Multiple payments can be available: WeChat, Alipay, bank/credit card or other customized payment.

Taxi Dispatch System

User Evaluation

Multiple star ratings is available ,drivers will be anonymously notified of what the users want to say to them by delay.

Taxi Dispatch System

Carpool Main Page

Home page shows the greetings of the Carpool
It can carry out “publishing the same city itinerary” and “publishing the cross-city itinerary”;
The published itineraries can be checked completely.
Common routes: multiple common routes can be added for easy use;

Taxi Dispatch System

Carpool travel

Choose the place of departure, destination, departure time, number of passengers, itinerary notes (optional), thank-you fee (optional).
Users can choose “combination” or “non-combination”.

Taxi Dispatch System

Special Car Airport Transfer Service

Special cars can offer Airport pick-up or drop- off service
Flight number and departure date should be input when pick-up
Choose the airport when drop-off.

Taxi Dispatch System

Order type

Intelligent dispatch and real-time scrambling can be set up.
The scope and time period of receiving orders can be set.
The system will dispatch orders according to the settings.

Taxi Dispatch System


Orders can be received in real time while driving.
Receive corresponding orders according to type settings;
Choose the right order to grab.

Taxi Dispatch System

Pick up passengers

View passengers information, chat with them and make phone calls
The reservation order should be arrived at the appointed place within the passenger's schedule.
When arriving at the passengers place, click “Arrive at the appointed place” to start the journey.

Taxi Dispatch System

Carry Passenger

When arriving at the destination, click “Arrive at the destination” to finish the journey

Taxi Dispatch System

Confirm bills

Initiate collection to passengers;
If there is a surcharge in the journey, it can be added (high-speed fee, road and bridge fee, parking fee)

Taxi Dispatch System

Order Completion

When order is completed,it can be evaluated directly or continue to receive new order

Taxi Dispatch System

User Evaluation

The evaluation can be evaluated according to the satisfaction degree of passengers.
It can also specify matters of the problem.

Taxi Dispatch System

Completion of evaluation

When evaluation is completed ,it can continue or stop receiving orders

The Passengers
The Driver
Five platform solutions



Management Background


Small procedures

Characteristic function

Ptaxi Intelligent Travel not only provides basic services for taxi booking on the internet, but also develops and integrates a series of integrated services through innovatively utilizing information technology, big data analysis technology, cloud management technology and module management optimization technology, including driver service quality and credit evaluation, passenger preference system and intelligent dispatch system etc. Meanwhile, by means of unifying the Wechat applets and Wechat public numbers to exclusively enjoy the 100 billion flow of Wechat and to help you quickly obtain the shares of travel market.

get on by QR code

Passengers scan the QR code of the driver to place orders nearby

Shake searching cars

Passengers use Wechat Shake to match drivers nearby

Driver-passenger co-display

Simultaneously display of vehicle location and real-time awareness of service status at both ends of the passenger and driver

Dispatch Center

Full-screen map display, real-time order updating, intelligent scheduling logic, Real-time rendering of state

System architecture

Taxi Dispatch System
Mind Mapping

Taxi Dispatch System

Business processes


Main customer needs:

1、More accurate positioning of users and drivers

2、Quick and accurate driver orders

3、Drivers can take over as soon as possible after taking orders

4、Drivers accurately predict arrival time and optimal route during driving

5、Accurate mileage calculation after arrival at destination

6、More Reasonable Order Assignment Algorithms

Corresponding solutions:

1、iOS/Android positioning SDK, providing the industrys most accurate positioning capabilities

2、Batch road distance calculation service, faster and more reasonable driver orders

3、Recommend boarding service to make drivers find passengers faster

4、Professional Driving Navigation

5、Professional trajectory service, more accurate trajectory record, accurate calculation of mileage

6、Providing accurate ETA and mileage services

Personal authentication


When the driver registers for the first time, the driver's face photos and the public security network face photos are compared to ensure the identity of the person’s cards by name + ID number + face recognition.

When the driver receives the order every day, he randomly extracts a single or the first one to compare whether the current driver's face is the same person as the photo brushed when the driver first registered , so as to ensure that the driver's identity is correct.

Program value

1.Improve the safety threshold : to ensure the authenticity of the identity of personnel, refuse to use the identity of others, filter people with criminal records, drunk driving, drug driving records.

2.In order confirmation, face recognition is sampled to check whether the driver currently serving is an online registered driver.

3.Retention of litigation evidence:If security incidents and other special circumstances happened, the retention of facial photos can be offered to the public security and courts as evidence of arrest or litigation to avoid the company losses .

Taxi Dispatch System